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Hitch Rack Ranch
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The Hitch Rack Ranch is one of the most famous rural properties in the state of Colorado. Built by legendary western lawman Roy Best in the early twentieth century, the ranch is located on more than 1400 acres in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, 15 miles south of Colorado Springs. Featuring pasture land, forests of Ponderosa pine trees, several ponds, and a creek which runs through the property, the Hitch Rack Ranch is home to horses and cattle, elk, mountain lions, bears, fox, and wild turkeys. Included with the property are water rights to the Glen Cairn Ditch, the Glen Cairn Pipeline, the Glen Cairn Reservoir, the Schluckenbier Ditch, and the majority of Aiken Spring, named after a member of Zebulon Pike’s expedition, which camped at the spring on its way through Colorado in 1806.

Only rarely does one find a ranch so close to the amenities of a modern world, while still enjoying the peace and beauty of the wild west. The hunting and recreational opportunities on this ranch are almost endless. Without a doubt the most favored (and at times only) activity on this property is saddling up your mare and heading out for a ride to the creek. The creek, in addition to the perfect combination of big game habitat, means mule deer, turkey and elk are all too happy to call this ranch home. The Hitch Rack Ranch is located in Game Management Unit 59, which is over-the-counter unit for elk tags for both residents and non-residents alike. While elk are present throughout the ranch, it is the mule deer that really put this ranch on the trophy big game map. Unit 59 is one of the few in the state of Colorado that is known for both its quality and quantity. The ranchs abundance of water and water rights help keep these beautiful animals nearby all throughout the year. In addition the big game, a resident flock of wild turkeys gobble and strut from creek bottom to creek bottom all within site of the main house.


It is obvious to see that Hitch Rack Ranch has always been a “working ranch” and has all the amenities and improvements to keep it that way. The ranch includes 13 agricultural buildings, as well as a rodeo arena, a main house, foremans house, guest house, and bunk house. The main house includes three bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, an additional guest bathroom, three fireplaces, a large sunken living room, a glass enclosed conservatory, a front deck and spacious back patio, kitchen, dining room, pantry quarters, and a utility room. This combination of improvements is just what you need, nothing you dont. The Hitch Rack Ranch offers privacy, rural tranquility, and the benefits of a western lifestyle combined with the amenities of modern life. Wake up to the sight of Pikes Peak outside your bedroom window, while knowing that you are only a short distance away from the Broadmoor Hotel, some of the region’s best ski resorts, and the finest restaurants and shopping centers in Colorado Springs.

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Hitch Rack Ranch

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